Spookiest Arkansas Vacations to Take This Season

Spooky grove of trees

The weather is cooling and the days are becoming shorter, making it your last chance for a weekend getaway before it’s time to prepare for the holidays.

If you’re looking for a season-themed, Arkansas vacation, try one of these super spooky locations.

  1. King Opera House. Located in Van Buren, King Opera House is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young actor, murdered by his lover’s father.
  2. Arlington Resort. Although many refute that it’s haunted, it has been reported that the Arlington Resort in Hot Springs houses wandering ghosts in old style clothing and visitors are sometimes startled by wine bottles falling on their own as well as flickering lights.
  3. Crescent Hotel. The Crescent Hotel is a former Eureka Springs hospital turned into a (now) famous place to stay. Many hospital patients who died have allegedly made the hotel their home and roam among the modern-day visitors.
  4. Mountain Village 1890. A historic re-creation of an old Ozark settlement, the Bull Shoals ghost town is comprised of authentic buildings, transported from surrounding areas. All of the buildings are actively haunted by ghosts; each structure having been investigated by paranormal investigator, William Fleming.

Whether you plan to visit all or one of these locations, you’re sure to have a spooky, fun adventure.

Add to the fun by booking one of our rooms here at the Driftwood Resort and enjoy a Fall vacation on the lake in addition to some paranormal exploring.

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