4 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding in the Ozarks

bride and groom walking between horses with reins in hand

Looking for a wedding experience in the Ozarks you won’t forget? At Driftwood Resort, we’ve seen our fair share of unique wedding ideas. We’ve listed a few locations below that some of our guests have chosen for their special day.

Bull Shoals Lake

Have you ever thought about having a ceremony on the lake? While you could take a pontoon boat out for the ceremony, you could also go with a more unique approach like getting married on jet skis or decking out in scuba gear for an underwater ceremony.

Mountain Village 1890

Have you heard of Mountain Village 1890 Haunted History Tour? If that’s something that excites you, imagine how amazing it would be to have your ceremony in the church of this haunted village.

Bull Shoals Cavern

If you’re not too excited about the Mountain Village 1890, you could also get married in the gorgeous Bull Shoals Cavern located directly beneath the village. The Crystal Altar room within the cavern is reserved regularly for ceremonies.

White River

Love horses? You could also get married along the White River on horseback. This is a popular area for horseback riding enthusiasts.

No matter where you decide to have your wedding, there are plenty of different ideas that can make your ceremony fun and uniquely you. Need accommodations before or after the ceremony? Contact us to learn about our rates.