3 Must See Tourist Attractions in Bull Shoals

Bull Shoals Dam

When you visit us at Driftwood Resort, we want to you make the most of your stay here in beautiful Bull Shoals, Arkansas. Between the fishing trips and spelunking, we recommend that you take advantage of some of the following attractions.

James A Gaston Visitor Center
This beautiful educational learning center is the perfect place to relax and enjoy incredible exhibits featuring early settlers as well as the surrounding river, lake, and dam. The center also includes a restaurant, observation tower, and gift shop when you’re done.

Bull Shoals Powerhouse and Dam
Located on the White River in Northern Arkansas, the Bull Shoals Dam joins White River and Bull Shoals Lake. Before you take a trip to the lake, we suggest signing up for the Powerhouse and Dam Tour to learn all about the inner workings of the dam and how it was constructed.

Bull Shoals Theater of the Arts
The Bull Shoals Theater is non-profit organization, renowned for their incredible live entertainment. Showcasing everything from ABBA to Conway Twitty, be sure to stop by and check out one of the current shows.

From laid-back to adventurous, there’s something everyone can enjoy when you come to Bull Shoals. Visit us at www.thedriftwoodresort.net to book your stay today.


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