Why Bull Shoals Caverns Is Worth Exploring


If you’re staying at Driftwood Resort, be sure to stop by the Bull Shoals Caverns. Hiding underneath Mountain Village 1890, you’ll find the beautiful caverns, adorned with stalagmites and stalactites. They were formed 350 million years ago, carved out by water forcing its way into the cracks of the rock. To this day, there is an underground river that flows through the caverns.

How the Caverns Have Been Used

In addition to the wondrous sights, the cave has served many different functions. In fact, humans have been using the caverns since around 300 B.C. for many different things:

  • Native Americans used it as a home. Its first inhabitants were the Cliff Walkers.
  • Settlers from 1800-1900 used it as a well cooler. People in the surrounding area also used it to refrigerate their food and whiskey during World War II.
  • Confederate soldiers harvested saltpeter in it during the Civil War.
  • During Prohibition, moonshiners hid their stills in the caverns.

As you can see, the cave itself has as rich a history as the village above it.

Get tickets today for a tour! After you’ve finished touring the caverns, check out some of the other fun activities Bull Shoals has to offer.