Mountain Village 1890 Haunted History Tour


Interested in embarking on an exciting adventure in Bull Shoals, AK? Check out the Mountain Village 1890 Haunted History Tour! Learn what makes this ghost town a must-see attraction.

The History of the Village

What makes Mountain Village 1890 unique? It’s a re-creation of an 1890s Ozark settlement that uses authentic homes and furnishings. The buildings were transported from nearby areas—from two blocks to 125 miles away. There are nine main buildings, a number of outbuildings, and other smaller things to check out on the property. The best part of the village? All of the buildings are actively haunted by ghosts.

A Paranormal Experience

Paranormal investigator William Fleming has spent hundreds of hours in each structure on the property. Throughout the tour, he leads you on a paranormal investigation of the village. Featured in several publications and currently working on publishing his first book about paranormal research and investigation, he uses his knowledge to give you the experience of a lifetime.

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