Spookiest Arkansas Vacations to Take This Season

Spooky grove of trees

The weather is cooling and the days are becoming shorter, making it your last chance for a weekend getaway before it’s time to prepare for the holidays.

If you’re looking for a season-themed, Arkansas vacation, try one of these super spooky locations.

  1. King Opera House. Located in Van Buren, King Opera House is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young actor, murdered by his lover’s father.
  2. Arlington Resort. Although many refute that it’s haunted, it has been reported that the Arlington Resort in Hot Springs houses wandering ghosts in old style clothing and visitors are sometimes startled by wine bottles falling on their own as well as flickering lights.
  3. Crescent Hotel. The Crescent Hotel is a former Eureka Springs hospital turned into a (now) famous place to stay. Many hospital patients who died have allegedly made the hotel their home and roam among the modern-day visitors.
  4. Mountain Village 1890. A historic re-creation of an old Ozark settlement, the Bull Shoals ghost town is comprised of authentic buildings, transported from surrounding areas. All of the buildings are actively haunted by ghosts; each structure having been investigated by paranormal investigator, William Fleming.

Whether you plan to visit all or one of these locations, you’re sure to have a spooky, fun adventure.

Add to the fun by booking one of our rooms here at the Driftwood Resort and enjoy a Fall vacation on the lake in addition to some paranormal exploring.

Wakeboarding in Bull Shoals

A popular pastime from coast to coast, people sometimes forget that there’s plenty of great surfing to be had in between the Atlantic and Pacific. Creative surfers have developed wakeboarding down to an art form, and some of the best surfing in the Ozarks is to be had at Bull Shoals Lake.

One of the most exciting must-see events in the region every summer is the annual “Surf the Bull” surf competition at Bull Shoals Lake. An all-day event featuring music, prizes and demos of awesome boats and boards, “Surf the Bull” is enough fun to build a whole trip around.

If that’s not enticing enough, your friends at the Driftwood Resort are located within prime walking distance of the Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock, and a wide variety of fantastic shops and delicious restaurants. For more information about booking your stay, our amenities, or what kind of events and fun you can have in Bull Shoals, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-800-424-1129 or 870-445-4455!

Entertainment Options in Bull Shoals

Movie theater screen and seats.jpg

Looking for some entertainment during your stay at Driftwood Resort? Located in the heart of Bull Shoals and just 75 miles away from Branson, Missouri, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. Find out below what entertainment options are in the area.



You may be in the middle of mountainous, serene nature, but you can still enjoy the latest flick. Baxter Cinema and Sun Valley Cinema are less than an hour from your lodging. Want to watch a movie from the comfort of your own room? There’s a movie rental place just down the road!



Feel like taking in a play? Head over to Branson to see a Passion Play. June’s shows are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and begin at 8:30 a.m. You can purchase a Use Anytime ticket, or you can pick a specific show to get tickets to.


Bull Shoals Theater of the Arts

Located just minutes away from Driftwood Resort, Bull Shoals Theater of the Arts offers everything from comedy shows to live music. Be sure to check out the Monday Night Opry, where you can listen to live music and admission is free!


Not sure if any of the above is right for you? Ask us what other events are taking place. We’re always happy to let you know what’s going on.

Don’t Miss This Year’s Bull Shoals Poker Run

Bull Shoals Lake at Sunset

Excited for the 7th Annual Mark Dobbs Memorial Boat Poker Run? Make sure to register in time so that you don’t miss it!


The Boat Poker Run will take place on May 28. Below is a breakdown of the itinerary

  • 11:00 a.m.: Last-minute registration
  • 12:00 p.m.: Boats will depart
  • 5:00 p.m.: Deadline to turn in cards

Pre-registration starts on May 15. Make sure to register beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it the morning of the competition.


All entry fees for the run go towards the Bull Shoal Fireworks fund. These fees include:

  • Registration fee: $50 per boat
  • Additional hands: $15
  • T-shirts: $10 (you will receive 2 free T-shirts with registration)

For as little as $50, you could get your money back and then some with the prizes.


You could win $1,000 if you come in first place! There are additional prizes available including:

  • Cash prizes
  • Gift certificates
  • Free canoe rentals
  • Free oil changes
  • Free passes to Bull Shoals Cavern
  • And more!

Take advantage of the prizes by registering for the competition.

Need a place close to Bull Shoals Lake to stay? Consider Driftwood Resort. We’ll make sure your stay is comfortable so that you’re well rested for the Boat Poker Run.

Plan Your Easter Getaway Today

Bull Shoals Lake

Looking for a great place to enjoy your Easter weekend? Come take a vacation in the beautiful Ozark mountains. Whether you enjoy boating, fishing, golfing, or horseback riding, there are plenty of activities to keep you happy and entertained during your stay.


Bull Shoals Lake

The lake offers your everything from water sports like jet skiing and scuba diving to bank or fly fishing for panfish, several varieties of bass, or catfish. You can also go on guided float trips.


White River

Just below Bull Shoals Dam lies the White River. The river is ripe with rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. If you’re not into fishing, there are also nature trails that you can take along the river—either on foot or on horseback.


James A. Gaston Visitors Center

Want to take a break from the water? Stop by the James A. Gaston Visitors Center. You can learn about the history of the town of Bull Shoals and Bull Shoals Dam, watch videos in Johnboat Theater, or view interactive exhibits.


Competitive Sports

Have an urge to be competitive? You’ll enjoy the bowling alley, go-cart track, and golf course nearby.


While you’re in town for Easter, stay at Driftwood Resort. With rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests, we have room for the whole family.

The Driftwood Resort Philosophy

Driftwood Resort

Curious what keeps folks coming back to Driftwood Resort every time they vacation in Bull Shoals? We think it has something to do with the philosophy we live by.

Warm Hospitality

We know that our customers are what keeps us in business. That’s why our service is based on warm hospitality. We want to be the ideal place for our customers to relax and let the pressures of everyday life melt away.

In addition to providing great customer service to our guests, we also offer a wide array of activities to keep you entertained. Make sure to take advantage of the following during your stay:

  • Swimming pool
  • Horseshoes
  • Shuffleboard
  • Swing set
  • Picnic area

We also offer rooms with kitchenettes—complete with refrigerator, microwave, range, coffeemakers, utensils, and dishes. Offering the above makes it so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of going out when you’re hungry. You can just stay in, watch a little TV and enjoy your meal.

Are you ready to book a getaway of your own? We can help you every step of the way, including giving you detailed directions! Look through our accommodations to make sure you pick the right room.

Need A Weekend Getaway?

Man and woman loading car for weekend getaway

With the holidays winding down and winter in full swing, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The confining cold weather and cabin fever make the thought of waiting until Memorial Day for a vacation almost unbearable.

Don’t wait for the next holiday to take a break. Weekend getaways can help you wind down and recharge, improving your performance at work and giving you an overall sense of well-being.

Not sure where to go? Try Driftwood Resort! Located near Bull Shoals Lake, Driftwood Resort offers a beautiful and relaxing getaway. Whether you want to fish at Bull Shoals Lake or in the White River, want to explore local antique shops or spelunk in historic caverns, take a Haunted History Tour of the popular Mountain Village 1890, or simply relax by the pool at our private resort, we have everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway.

Whether you want to come alone, with a significant other, or bring the entire family, we have rooms to accommodate your needs. Take a weekend to relax and recharge and enjoy the beauties that Arkansas has to offer. Visit us at www.thedriftwoodresort.net to book your stay today.

The History of Bull Shoals Dam

Sky View of Bull Shoals Dam

Without Bull Shoals Dam, Driftwood Resort—Bull Shoals itself—might not exist. Learn more about the dam below.


Starting construction in 1947, Bull Shoals Dam took four years to build and another year to add the power system. Why did it take so long? One factor was World War II. In addition, a 7.8-mile conveyor belt—the world’s second largest—was constructed to deliver the 2.1 million cubic yards of concrete needed from Lee’s Mountain Quarry.

Coordinated by Harvey S. Slocom, nine companies worked on the project:

  • Brown & Root, Inc. of Houston, Texas
  • Wienderlich Contracting Co. of Jefferson City, Mo.
  • Peter Kiewit Son Co. of Omaha, Neb.
  • Winston Brothers Co. Minneapolis, Minn.
  • David G. Gorgon of Denver, Col.
  • Condon, Cunningham Co. of Omaha, Neb.
  • Morrison-Knudsen Co., Inc. of Boise, Idaho
  • J C McGuire & Co., of Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Charles T. Thompkins Co. of Washington, D.C.

They called themselves the Ozark Dam Constructors.


The largest dam in Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Bull Shoals Dam cost $76.4 million dollars. An additional $30 million for the power system put the dam’s cost over $100 million. Considering that 10 million gallons of water cycle through the hydroelectric system every minute to power the dam’s eight generators, it’s well worth the cost.


With interpretive exhibits, observation towers, and more, The James A. Gaston Visitor Center can give you more details on Bull Shoals Dam. While you’re in town, reserve a room with us!

4 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding in the Ozarks

bride and groom walking between horses with reins in hand

Looking for a wedding experience in the Ozarks you won’t forget? At Driftwood Resort, we’ve seen our fair share of unique wedding ideas. We’ve listed a few locations below that some of our guests have chosen for their special day.

Bull Shoals Lake

Have you ever thought about having a ceremony on the lake? While you could take a pontoon boat out for the ceremony, you could also go with a more unique approach like getting married on jet skis or decking out in scuba gear for an underwater ceremony.

Mountain Village 1890

Have you heard of Mountain Village 1890 Haunted History Tour? If that’s something that excites you, imagine how amazing it would be to have your ceremony in the church of this haunted village.

Bull Shoals Cavern

If you’re not too excited about the Mountain Village 1890, you could also get married in the gorgeous Bull Shoals Cavern located directly beneath the village. The Crystal Altar room within the cavern is reserved regularly for ceremonies.

White River

Love horses? You could also get married along the White River on horseback. This is a popular area for horseback riding enthusiasts.

No matter where you decide to have your wedding, there are plenty of different ideas that can make your ceremony fun and uniquely you. Need accommodations before or after the ceremony? Contact us to learn about our rates.

Going Fishing at Bull Shoals Lake

Fishing as a Family at Bull Shoals Lake

Bull Shoals Lake is a 45,000-acre reservoir in the Ozark Mountains, offering a clear and beautiful landscape for you to catch some incredible fish. Due to the clear water, the process can be difficult, but quite rewarding.

At Bull Shoals Lake, you’ll find a wide range of fish for both amateur and expert fishers. To ensure a fully stocked lake, the Arkansas Game and Fish and the Missouri Department of Conservation release several hundred thousand fish into the lake each year.

Fishing for BassFish you will find throughout the lake include:

  • Large Mouth Bass
  • Small Mouth Bass
  • Spotted Bass
  • White Bass
  • Blue Catfish
  • Channel Catfish
  • Flathead Catfish
  • Walleye Pike
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Black Crappie
  • White Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Longnose Gar
  • Freshwater Drum
  • Redhorse Suckers
  • Carp Suckers
  • Hog Suckers
  • Common Garp
  • Threadfin Shad
  • Longear Sunfish
  • Bluntnose Minnow
  • Brook Silversides

Be sure to consider the baits needed for each type of fish. You’ll also have better luck with some fish depending on the area you choose to cast your line. If you’re inexperienced, there are a wide range of guides available to take you out to the best spots and increase the odds of you going home with a fish “this big”.

Looking for the perfect place to stay during your fishing retreat? Visit us at www.thedriftwoodresort.net for more information about booking your next vacation.